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Granular composition test set, dry

The particle size distribution (also called grain size distribution or texture) is one of the most important characteristics of the soil. Agriculturalas well as soil scientific properties are greatly determined by the texture of a soil. The particle size distribution has an effect on many properties of the soil such as for instance the ease of tillage, the capillary conductivity of a soil, the available moisture, the permeability of a soil, compaction, etc. The coarseness of a sandy soil is indicated on a map when doing soil survey work.

Furthermore the determination of the particle size is essential for the assessment of the availability of substances for the flora and fauna, the behavior of a substance in the soil and the determination of the quality of the soil (target- and intervention values for these parameters are calculated on the basis of, among other, the clay fraction).

Applying this set allows you to determine the particle size distribution of soil samples in order to be able to classify the soils on the basis of international standards.

The granular composition of the representative sample obtained in this way can be determined applying an electromagnetic sieve shaker. The sieve shaker keeps the sample continuously in motion in order to obtain the best possible sieving results.

The sieve shaker and the stainless steel mesh sieves (inclusive receivers and lids) are suitable for wet as well as dry sieving.

Benefits Granular composition set

· Sieving: Basic procedure for any soil lab

· Shaker suits dry and wet sieving sieves

· High quality stainless steel sieves

· Other or complementary sieves possible

Granular composition test set, dry

Measuring range

63 microns - 8 mm

Power supply

line voltage

Sample specification


Package size

65 x 65 x 70 cm


240 volt


59 kg


Geotechnical soil research

Soil physical laboratory research

Erosion research

Irrigation research

Soil stability research

Water or air permeability research in the lab

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