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Trilogy Lab Florimeter

Trilogy® Laboratory Fluorometer


The Trilogy® offers flexibility to easily make fluorescence, absorbance and turbidity measurements using the appropriate snap-in Application Module. It has excellent sensitivity and a wide measurement range. The all solid-state design ensures reliable and repeatable readings for many years.




Fluorescence modules are available for

in vivo



and extracted chlorophyll a, (acidification and non-acidification), Tracer Dyes (rhodamine, fluorescein and PTSA), Phycobiliproteins (phycocyanin and phycoerythrin pigments for estimating cyanobacterial abundances), CDOM/FDOM, refined and crude oil, optical brighteners, histamine and ammonium. The Turbidity module uses an IR LED with a wavelength of 860 nm to meet ISO 7027 requirements for Turbidity water quality measurements. Absorbance modules are available for analysis of nutrients (Nitrate, Phosphate, Silicate).


Product Highlights:


  • Snap-in Modules provide Application Flexibility
  • Standard modules accommodate 10 x 10mm plastic cuvettes and 12 x 75mm round tubes or 12 x 35mm round vials using sample adapter
  • Wide modules accommodate glass or quartz cuvettes and 12 x 75mm round tubes or 12 x 35mm round vials using sample adapter
  • Intuitive Color Touch Screen User Interface
  • Store Up to 18 User Defined Calibrations
  • Automatic Blank Subtracts in Direct Concentration Mode
  • Multiple Measurement Modes Available

Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer Specifications 

Trilogy Module Performance
Application Minimum Detection Limit Linear Range
Ammonium 0.05 μM 0-50 μM
CDOM/FDOM 0.1 ppb* 0-1,000 ppb*
Chl a Extracted - Acidification 0.025 μg/L 0-300 μg/L
Chl a Extracted - Non-Acidification 0.025 μg/L 0-300 μg/L
Chl in vivo  0.025 μg/L 0-300 μg/L
Fluorescein Dye Standard Range 0.01 ppb 0-200 ppb
Fluorescein Dye Extended Range 
(Minicells Required)
0.75 ppb**** 0-8,000 ppb****
Histamine 0.001 ppm 
0.5 ppb***
0-100 ppm 
0-2000 ppb***
Nitrate (Absorbance) 0.04 mg/L 0-14 mg/L
Oil - Crude 0.2 ppb* 0-2,000 ppb*
Oil - Refined 0.25 ppb** 0-6,000 ppb**
Optical Brighteners 1 ppb* 0-10,000 ppb*
Phosphate (Absorbance) 1 μg/L 0-930 μg/L
(Freshwater Cyanobacteria)
150 cells/ml 0-150,000 cells/ml
(Marine Cyanobacteria)
150 cells/ml 0-150,000 cells/ml
PTSA 0.1 ppb*** >10,000 ppb***
Rhodamine WT 0.01 ppb 0-500 ppb
Silicate (Absorbance) 3 μg/L 0-3,000 μg/L
Turbidity 0.05 NTU 0-1,000 NTU
* Quinine Sulfate 
** 1,5-Naphthalene Disulfonic Disodium Salt 
***Pyrene tetra sulfonic acid (PTSA) 
****Minicell Adapter P/N 8000-936 and Minicell P/N 7000-950 required
Trilogy Physical Specifications
Readout Direct Concentration (µg/l, ppb, etc.) or Raw Fluorescence
Dimensions (D x W x H)

12.92" x 10.44" x 8.42" 
(32.82 cm x 26.52 cm x 21.39 cm)

Weight 8.1 lbs (3.65 kg)

Operating Temperature

60 - 105? F (15 - 40?C)
Trilogy Electrical Specifications
Light Source & Detector Light Emitting Diode and Photodiode
Data Output 100% ASCII format through a 9 pin 
RS-232 serial cable at 9600 baud
PC Operating System: 
(optional if connected to PC)
Windows 98 or later
Power 100 to 240VAC Universal Power Supply 
included, Output 12 VDC 0.84A Max

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