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Profil Örnekleme

Profil Örnekleyici

Profile sampler, 10 x 5 cm, 50 cm

The profile sampler allows taking of a sizeable and virtually undisturbed sample up to a depth of approximately 40 cm (10 cm wide and 5 cm across). All roots, up to a cross-section of 2 cm, are included in the sample.

When sampling, both U-shaped gutters are pushed alternatingly into the soil, until the required depth is reached, after which one side of the handle is pulled sharply upwards and the other pushed downwards, thus clamping the profile. The profile sampler may now be extracted and opened to sample or describe the profile. Also replacing the sample taken (in order to reduce the disturbance of the location to be researched to a minimum) is easily executed.

Benefits Profile sampler

  • A nice top soil profile in seconds
  • Cuts roots; ideal also for forest soils
  • Immediate nice large profile view
  • Works in soft to medium hard soils


  • Zinc plated; samples not fit for Zn analyses


  • Root growth research.
  • Ecological/biological research of a strip layer in the forest.
  • Soil surveying.
  • Creating monoliths without the necessity of digging a profile pit.
  • Suitable for almost all soils.

Profile sampler, 10 x 5 cm, 50 cm

Maximum root thickness

10 mm

Maximum sample depth

50 cm

Product material

stainless steel, iron, other material

Sample diameter

100 x 50 mm

Sample length

50 cm

Sample specification


Sample volume

2500 ml

Sampler position


Package size

72 x 56 x 11 cm


5.6 kg


Soil profile description and classification

Soil sampling above groundwater table

Undisturbed sampling

Soil texture research

Root zone sampling

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