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ICAM Integrating Cavity Absorption Meter

Integrating Cavity Absorption Meter (ICAM)

ICAM, an in situ Integrating Cavity Absorption Meter, is factory configured with nine (9) wavelengths from UV (365nm) to Red (676nm) enabling absorption measurements over a wide spectrum. The patented integrating cavity design means that little or no scattering correction is needed. Built with solid-state optics and electronics, ICAM provides excellent reliability and low power consumption in a fully integrated package. Absorption can be measured from 0.001 m-1 to a maximum of 15 m-1. Data can be collected at a maximum rate of six measurements per second using the ICAM GUI. Alternately, ICAM can be configured for standalone operation running off battery power with data logged internally at a maximum rate of one measurement per second. Each measurement has a date/time stamp and may contain up to nine (9) absorption values depending on the wavelengths selected. 

Product Highlights:

· 9 wavelengths – UV to Red

· Minimal to no scattering effects

· Excellent sensitivity & range

· Low power, standalone operation

· Solid-state optics and electronics in an integrated package

ICAM Specifications 

ICAM Wavelengths

365, 440, 488, 510, 532, 555, 590, 630, 676

ICAM Physical Specifications

Weight in Air

15 kg; 33 lbs


78.7 cm; 31 in


17.8 cm; 7 in

- Pressure Hull 
- Endcaps, Handles, Supports

Titanium Type 2 
Acetal Plastic


-2 to 50 degrees C


0 to 200 meters

ICAM Total Volume


Max Flow Rate


ICAM Electrical Specifications


Digital (ASCII)


USB, RS-232

Data Output Rate Maximum

1/sec RS-232; 6/sec USB

Minimum Power Supply

8 - 30 volts; 2.5 watts

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