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ADCP Cihazları

Doppler Volume Sampler

Teledyne RD Instruments’ low-power DVS is ideally suited for your long-term shallow -- and deep-water -- moored current measurement applications. The DVS can provide substantially improved data quality over traditional single point solutions, allowing for up to 5 bins of high resolution velocity data over a range of up to 5M. The DVS offers you the proven precision and reliability that Teledyne RDI is known for in a package and price point that meets your needs. 

The low power DVS offers an advanced alternative to single point current meters, offering up to 5 bins of high resolution data, plus the following unique technology advantages.?

?Frequency ?2400kHz
?Max Range ?3m to 5m
?Min Blank Zone 2cm?
Number Bins? 1-5?
Depth Rating? 750m / 6000m

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